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  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!
  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!

Custom Anodize Colors

Add a custom anodize color to our triple clamps or other products. This is a lot charge price for both electropolish and anodize. Lead time is heavily dependent on our current manufacturing schedules. Pricing is per unique color.

Please read below for more details and call us or send an email to to arrange the specifics prior to placing an order.

  • $279.95
Quantity (per color, required)

Additional Information

Raw Aluminum

We do not sell our parts in raw aluminum. Most all of our parts are tumbled after machining and they don't look very good raw. Also, even if they did look good raw, that won't last long as soon as they see any use; the aluminum will corrode and take damage much easier raw than if it were anodized. We simply don't want our parts on the market looking bad, and neither should you!

We do offer clear anodize, though. Our process first electropolishes the parts, then anodizes them. Clear anodize is the same process as all of our other anodize colors, it's just not dyed a color. The result is a part that looks like a fresh raw part, but has the protection of anodize. You can see an example of that on this page above. Custom runs of clear anodize are subject to the same pricing as any other color.

Custom Anodize Cost Options

There are multiple routes to receive a custom anodized part from us, depending on pricing, color, and lead time. We do not stock parts in raw aluminum, so you will have a minimum lead time equal to the time required to manufacture your parts plus the anodize lead time.

    Costs and Lead-Times:
  • No Charge For a custom color that's one of our standard colors (black, blue, red, green, orange). You must wait for the next manufacturing run of your parts, plus the next anodize lot of the color you want. For example, if you want green Honda clamps, you'll need to wait for our next run of Honda clamp to be machined, then wait for the next run of Kawasaki clamps to be machined so we can add your Honda clamps to the green batch of anodize for the Kawasaki clamps. This can result in very long lead times. Or you might get lucky if our schedule aligns well to what you're after!
  • Anodize Lot Charge Non-standard colors (purple, bronze, gold, pink, etc.), or our standard colors without the lead time. We charge you our cost (plus processing fees) for the anodize lot, but there is no additional lead time waiting for us to run an anodize batch of your desired color. You will still have the lead time of waiting for the next manufacturing run of your parts.
  • Rush Charge, plus Anodize Lot Charge For those who need their parts as fast as possible, we can schedule a manufacturing run of your parts right away. This will require us to break down a machining setup that's in process, set up for your parts, and throw off our current manufacturing schedule, plus you will also be charged for the anodize. So this is a pricey option! Despite the expense, this is the best option for receiving your parts as fast as possible (usually about two weeks).
  • Schedule: This can vary significantly and is subject to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, the lead time of the actual anodize is out of our hands. This is typically 1-2 weeks, but can be impacted by the anodizer's current workload, holidays, etc. We will do our best to get you your parts as fast as possible, but we can't be held to any specific schedule.
  • Returns: We can not accept returns on custom anodized parts.
  • Replacement Parts: If you have a crash or other accident that damages your custom anodized part and need a replacement, you will still be subject to the custom anodize fees on the replacement parts.
  • Samples: You must provide a sample for color matching of colors that we have not run before. The sample must be an anodized aluminum part. For example, if you want our clamps to match your hubs, you'll need to send us your hubs to use as a sample for the anodizer to match.
  • Color Matching: Our anodizer will do their best to match you desired color, but anodize colors vary based on many parameters and nothing will ever be a perfect match. We cannot guarantee a perfect match and we can not give refunds for custom anodize for any reason.