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  • Free Shipping on Orders $100+*

Gen3 Clamp Solid Bar Mounts, Luxon G3 and Xtrig Clamps

These solid mounted bar mounts fit our Gen3 triple clamps and Xtrig triple clamps (they do NOT fit stock triple clamps). Gen3 bar mounts are lightweight, strong, and include high-strength steel mounting hardware. Titanium bar clamp hardware is an optional upgrade. Available in 21, 26, and 31 mm heights (from top of the triple clamp to tangent bottom of the bar clamp). 26mm is a typical standard height.

  • $109.95 (Steel Clamp Bolts)
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Product Description, Information, and Details

These mounts fit our Gen3 triple clamp lineup as well as Xtrig triple clamps. They do not fit stock clamps. Includes lower bar mounts, upper bar clamps, high-strength steel mounting hardware, anti-seize, and instructions. Titanium bar clamp bolts are an optional upgrade. Various heights available; 26 mm is fairly standard, but measure your current mounts to be sure. Our measurements are taken from the top of the triple clamp to the bottom tangent of the mount (the bottom of where the handlebar sits).

Luxon 1 1/8" bar mounts fit standard 1 1/8" (28.6 mm) handlebars (sometimes called fatbars) and Luxon 36 mm mounts fit the Renthal FB36 bars (36 mm). These are NOT the same as fatbars, they have a much larger clamping diameter. We do not offer bar mounts to fit the old 7/8" size handlebars. BRP and other aftermarket companies offer adapter bushings to fit the 7/8" bar diameter in standard 1 1/8" mounts if necessary.

Luxon Part# LUX-GEN-SS-A0010-21, 26, 31 LUX-GEN-SS-A0010-21FB36, 26FB36, 31FB36
Luxon Description BAR MOUNTS, GEN3, SOLID
Weight (26 mm) 306 g, 0.67 lbs
Weight (26 mm) 287 g, 0.63 lbs (with Ti bolts)
Stock Weight N/A