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Gen2 Triple Clamps, Honda

The most advanced triple clamps you can buy result from 1000s of hours of extensive engineering, analysis, and testing. Race proven in professional supercross and motocross; our clamps are optimized to be stronger than stock, lighter than stock, and stiff where they need to be, yet compliant and flex for comfort and ridability. Direct fit for 2021+ CRF450. Also fits 2017+ CRF450 and 2018+ CRF250 using the included fender mount adapter kit. Will also fit older models upgraded to the newer fender and numberplate. Older models may require a bearing swap (10-17 250 and 09-16 450). Choose from 22 mm or 24 mm offset, and black or red anodize colors.

Select to add Luxon Bar Mounts or no bar mounts (please read the bar mounts section below for details, stock mounts are NOT compatible). The span between bar mount holes is identical to stock Honda rear spacing (106 mm), so aftermarket steering damper mounts and similar equipment may be compatible.

Want to raise the bars a bit? Add these bar riser spacers to your mounts for some more height.

Color (required)
Offset (required)
Bar Mounts (required)
  • $879.95 (with Luxon Bar Mounts)
Quantity (required)
  • Backordered, Shipping Mid-October, 2021

Bar Mounts

Luxon bar mounts are optional, however, stock Honda bar mounts will NOT fit. Luxon Gen 2 bar mounts fit oversize 1 1/8" (28.6 mm) handlebars (sometimes called fatbars) and Luxon Gen2 FB36 mounts fit the new Renthal FB36 bars (36 mm). Our triple clamps use KTM/Husqvarna bar mounting features and are compatible with Luxon bar mounts or any KTM/Husqvarna bar mount that does not use a single piece top or bottom (the bar mounts are separate left and right). For example, the Xtrig PHDS bar mounts for a KTM will fit these clamps. If in doubt, just ask!

Product Description, Information, and Details

The stock Honda triple clamps are quite strong and have good stiffness, but they're really heavy. Our design goals for these clamps were to reduce as much weight as possible, while increasing strength and maintaining stiffness. Our triple clamps are a few percent stiffer, stronger, and 0.74 lbs (335 g) lighter than the stock clamps. And our bar mount fixes the twisting issue that plagues the stock setup. The new split lower clamp improves suspension plushness (see our blog post for details).

Fits various Honda motocross and off-road models, available in 22 mm or 24 mm offset, choose from black or red anodize colors. Includes upper and lower clamps, steering stem, OEM lower bearing/race/seal installed, titanium bolts, and anti-seize. All models use current brake line guides.

Luxon Part# LUX-HON-SS-A0002-22,24-BLACK, RED
Luxon Description Gen2 Triple Clamps, Honda
Luxon Weight (with 1 1/8" Bar Mounts) 2,239 g, 4.94 lbs
Stock Weight (2020) 2,574 g, 5.67 lbs
    Stock Offset of 20 mm
  • 2009-2016 CRF450R
  • 2014-2017 CRF250R
    Stock Offset of 22 mm
  • 2008 CRF450R
  • 2017-2022 CRF450R
  • 2018-2022 CRF250R
    Stock Offset of 24 mm
  • 2002-2007 CRF450R
  • 2004-2017 CRF250X
  • 2005-2007 CRF450X