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  • Free Shipping on Orders $100+*

High Speed Compression Adjuster Knob, WP Shock

A tool-less solution to quickly adjust your shock's high speed compression. Blue anodized and laser etched to easily keep track of adjustments. Fits many WP shocks and other shocks with a 17 mm hex compression adjuster size and 38 mm (1.5 in) of diametrical clearance (so it can be turned).

Product Description, Information, and Details

Quickly installs with a 1.5 mm Allen key (not included) to tighten a set screw. Please note that this is not "easy" to turn by hand. It's very doable, but may take two hands. We're limited in size here, and therefore leverage, but most people can turn this with reasonable effort.

Luxon Part# LUX-GEN-SS-P0009
Luxon Description WP HS Comp Adjuster Knob
Weight 4 g
Stock Weight N/A