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  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!

Adjustable Suspension Link with Bearings, 2016-2022 KTM/Husqvarna, 2020-2023 GasGas

Our lightweight link arm is precision machined from billet aluminum, anodized black, and laser etched. Tune your ride height and suspension curve trackside in minutes. Adjustable in length from 147.2 mm to 152.2 mm in 1 mm increments (-1 mm to + 4mm for KTM/GasGas). Includes everything pictured (1st photo): link, six eccentric inserts, OEM bearings and seals (re-use your inner bearing race). Fits various KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas motocross models.

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  • $229.95
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Product Description, Information, and Details

Every rider is different: different weights, heights, skill levels, etc., and just a each rider prefers a different handlebar bend or position, they'll also each prefer a different bike setup and pull-rod length. There is no one-size-fits-all pull-rod length, which is why we've made our pull-rods adjustable. If you try one length and don't like it, all you have to do is adjust it and try again until you find a setting that works well for you. You can't do that with a non-adjustable “performance link” from our competitors!

Our KTM/Husqvarna pull rod is adjustable, yet 52 g lighter than stock. The link length is easily adjustable via a simple eccentric insert system from 147.2 mm to 152.2 mm in 1 mm increments (stock KTM/GasGas length is 148.2 mm, Stock 2021+ Husqvarna length is 148.7 mm). Suspension curve and ride height changes can be made trackside in just minutes.

Download installation instructions: INSTRUCTIONS-LUX-KTM-SS-A0001.pdf

Download suspension curves: LUX-KTM-SS-A0001-SUSPENSION-CURVES-GEN2.pdf

Luxon Part# LUX-KTM-SS-A0001
Luxon Description Adjustable Link with Bearings, KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas
Weight 458 g, 1.01 lbs
Stock Weight 510 g, 1.12 lbs