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KyoKote Performance Coatings

For fork upper tubes and shock bodies, our proprietary Kyokote process is second to none. The Kyokote process is equal in low friction performance to Kashima, but exceeds Kashima performance in heat transfer and toughness. Unlike Kashima, Kyocote is done locally for quick turnaround and available in both black and clear (clear typically comes out grey-gold in color).

* Read the description below for important information!

Looking for DLC fork lower and shock shaft coatings? Check out our DLC coatings.

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  • $499.95 (Fork Tubes)
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Product Description, Information, and Details

Kyokote is a polymer impregnated hard anodize. The aluminum tubes are carefully stripped, hard anodized, then impregnated with a special Teflon polymer blend and sealed. This results in a hard, low friction surface (coefficient of static friction less than 0.05) with high thermal conductivity and excellent toughness.

* KyoKote coating services do NOT include disassembly of your parts. These prices assume you are sending us tubes/bodies with all other components (seals, bushings, valving, stickers/decals, etc.) removed (as shown in the images). Allow up to 2 weeks turnaround time for Kyokote services. Prices include return ground shipping within the continental USA.

* Kyokote is (relatively) thin. Be warned that Kyokote is only .002 inches (.05 mm) thick and will not smooth out nicks or scratches in your parts - the nicks and scratches will be coated the same color as the rest of the part but will remain visible. For this reason we only recommend sending new or like-new parts. Kyokote is available in clear or black colors, but bronze and gold can be done as a special order. Want to know how Kyokote will look on a dinged up part? Click here.

Do you have more than one set of parts to coat? We offer quantity discounts on all coatings and dealer pricing for approved accounts, please contact us for more details.

In a rush? Want a faster turnaround? If you have brand new parts to coat, we can swap your tubes for our in-stock coated tubes to significantly reduce the lead-time. This applies to new parts only and to what stock we have on hand at the time of your order. This offer extends to retail customers only.

Please read the entire Description tab for all the details about our coatings first.

  1. Step 1) Thoroughly clean your parts and carefully pack them into a box. We recommend using more padding than you think is necessary and lots of bubble wrap. Ship them to:
    • Luxon MX
      Coating Department
      9825 Carroll Centre Rd Ste 300
      San Diego, CA 92126
    • * We recommend you use UPS to ship parts to us.
  2. Step 2) Add the appropriate coating options to your shopping cart and check out. Please make sure the options added match what you've shipped and what you want.
  3. Step 3) You will be emailed an invoice for the purchase immediately once you've checked out. Reply to that email with the tracking number for your shipment.
  4. Step 4) We'll process everything when it arrives, and send you a tracking number when it ships out back to you.
  5. Timeline: The whole process typically takes two to three weeks. We will turn these around as fast as possible, but please plan for an extra week if things are busy, or if you are shipping from a long distance.
Luxon Description KyoKote Performance Coating
Weight No increase vs. Stock
Stock Weight N/A
Available Colors

We're often asked about color options for our KyoKote coatings and if we can do bronze, gold, or other colors. We CAN attempt other colors, however, the resulting color and look is highly dependent on a lot of factors - the aluminum alloy, the manufacturing technique (machined, cast, etc.), the length of time the part stays in the dye tank, the dye concentration, part surface finish, coating thickness, the amount of Teflon impregnation, and much more. Because of this, we can not guarantee a particular color; even black can come out looking more like gray on castings. Regardless of color, though, all the coatings have the same performance characteristics.

The images show various colors of KyoKote: black, bronze, and clear KyoKote on WP tubes, as well as clear KyoKote on a transmission shift drum. The other image shows a raw aluminum part next to clear KyoKote on a Showa shock body, and the same shift drum from the previous image. Note that the shift drum and the Showa shock body were done in the same batch! The vast difference in color is due to the different aluminum alloy each part is made from, and the manufacturing process - cast shock body vs. a machined shift drum.

So because of the high variability in final color, we only offer black and clear as standard color options. But if you're willing to risk it, we can attempt a dyed bronze or gold color; we just can't guarantee the result. Another thing to keep in mind is that the coating results in a matte appearance. So gold can come out looking yellow-ish and bronze comes out brown-ish. That's a byproduct of the Teflon impregnation. And unfortunately, there's no getting around that as the Teflon is what's giving our coating such high performance characteristics. If after reading all that you still want to move forward with a color other than clear or black, send an email to for more details.