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  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!

Bar Mounts, Suzuki (for Stock Clamps), Fatbar 36

If you've bought the lightest handlebars available, why settle for mediocre bar mounts? Our mounts are designed using topology optimization, which results in a very lightweight and strong set of bar mounts that won't twist in a minor crash like the stock mounts. These mounts weigh less than stock, despite accommodating the larger bar diameter and being significantly stronger. Our mounts are anodized with laser etched logos for a factory look. These mounts do NOT include cones, cone bolts/shims, or nuts (reuse your stock parts).

These bar mounts only fit Renthal Fatbar36 handlebars! If you're not certain these will fit your bars, they probably don't! Looking for mounts to fit standard 1 1/8" bars (the most popular bar size)? We have those here: Suzuki Bar Mounts.

  • $99.95 $79.95
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Product Description, Information, and Details

Most stock rubber-mounted bar mounts have one major design flaw: they easily twist in a minor tip-over. Unbolting everything and re-torquing typically fixes the issue, but why do that if you can prevent the twisting in the first place? Our bar mounts are a direct replacement for the stock mounts and fix the twisting issue. Includes everything in the third photo: solid lower bar mount, upper bar clamps, high-strength steel bar clamp bolts, anti-seize, decals, and instructions. Fits 2008-2024 model year RM-Z 250 and 450 motocross models, stock height and offset range of adjustment. Clear anodized with laser etched logos for a long-lasting finish.

Download installation instructions: INSTRUCTIONS-LUX-SUZ-SS-A0001-96.pdf

Luxon Part# LUX-SUZ-SS-A0001-96FB36
Luxon Description Bar Mounts, Suzuki (Stock Clamps), Fatbar 36
Weight 278 g, 0.61 lbs (As Pictured)
Stock Weight (2023 Model) 299 g, 0.66 lbs