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Titanium bar mount studs and spacers

These are the same studs and spacers used in our bar mounts for stock Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha applications, but may fit other brands or locations as well (check sizes to be sure). Both the stud and spacer are grade 5 titanium. Bar mount studs are sold individually and include a matching high-strength steel locknut. Spacers are also sold individually. If you need a pair, order two! Loctite C5-A anti-seize is required for stud installation, but is not included with the studs. It is available for purchase below in 7 gram packets.

These spacers and studs do NOT fit Luxon bar mounts for KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas applications. Spacers for those are available here and bolts for those are available here.

  • $14.95 (Stud+Nut)
Quantity (required)

  • $9.95 (Spacer)
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  • $3.95 (Anti-Seize, 7g)
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Product Description, Information, and Details

Made of grade 5 (6Al-4V) titanium, these bar mount studs and spacers are 44% lighter than steel at higher strength than most steel (some specialty alloys will be stronger, but those are rare and for very specific applications). The nuts are high strength steel to prevent galling of titanium on titanium, and have a distorted thread feature for locking and prevent unintended loosening. We highly recommend Loctite C5-A anti-seize for installation of these studs and following appropriate torque specifications for your application.

Luxon Part# LUX-GEN-M-P9112-58
Luxon Description TITANIUM BMSTUD, 12 X 58, M10-1.5
Weight (1 stud and nut) 50 g
Stock Weight N/A
Luxon Part# LUX-GEN-SS-P0010-5
Luxon Description BAR MOUNT, SPACER, 5 mm
Weight (each) 6.6 g
Stock Weight N/A