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  • Free Shipping on Orders $100+*

Gen3 Triple Clamps, Yamaha

The Gen3 triple clamps are a more affordable version of our Gen3 Pro clamps. But that doesn't mean these are a low performance triple clamp! We took our Gen3 Pro design, removed some of the more expensive features (titanium bolts, adjustable offset, etc.), and arrived at a version that's still lightweight, strong, and offers a more optimized stiffness balance. The Gen3 clamps are a significant upgrade from stock and are more compliant front to back for a comfortable ride, yet still stiff in other directions to maintain steering precision, predictability, and feel. Want more info about the various Gen3 features? Check out our blog post here.

Bar mounts are NOT included, but various bar mounts options are available. Please read the bar mounts section below for fitment details, stock bar mounts are not compatible. Luxon solid bar mounts are available here, and the rubber mounted version is available here.

Choose from black or blue anodize colors. Bike fitment is specified by steering stem length (Small, Medium, or Long) and upper fork tube clamp diameter (54 mm or 56 mm). See the bike fitment list below for details. Be sure to order the correct fitment for your bike. If the wrong parts are used, they will not fit and will be ruined if you attempt to install them!

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  • $699.95 (No Bar Mounts)
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Bike Fitment

Medium 54:

YZ250F 2012-2024, YZ450F 2010-2024, YZ250FX 2015-2024

Short 56:

YZ125 2006-2024, YZ250F 2006-2011

Medium 56:

YZ450F 2008-2009

Long 56:

YZ250 2006-2024, YZ450F 2006-2007

Plastic Fitment Notes:

All models do not include a brake line guide mount as Yamaha is removing that for 2023 and beyond. If you are on an older bike, you will need to use a number plate mounted brake line guide (Acerbis part number 2042200001 works well).

The front number plate pins are removable (and included). Use these for older number plates and remove them to save some weight on the 2023+ bikes that don't use them. Our clamps fit the newer style (2015+) fender bolt pattern (older models will need to upgrade to the new front fender).

Bar Mount Interface and Steering Dampers

All Luxon Gen 3 triple clamps use the Xtrig style mounting interface: M12 bolts threaded directly into the top triple clamp with a 26 mm wide groove to locate the bar mount. The mounts are spaced 90 mm apart. The Gen3 clamps are compatable with Luxon Gen3 bar mounts as well as any bar mounts compatable with Xtrig M12 clamps. This allows multiple bar mount options and for the use of many existing aftrermarket products and steering damper setups.

Product Description, Information, and Details

The Yamaha Gen3 clamps are our entry level triple clamp. While not as high-end as our Gen3 Pro clamps, these clamps are strong yet lightweight. Stiffness parameters have been tuned for a more comfortable ride than stock, yet also increase steering precision and predictability.These clamps also have a split lower clamp to improve suspension plushness (see our blog post for details). The split upper clamp further reduces weight.

Fits 2006-2024 model year Yamaha motocross and off-road models, 22 mm offset. Choose from black or blue anodize colors. Includes upper and lower clamps, steering stem installed with OEM lower bearing/race/seal, and high-strength steel pinch bolts.

Luxon Part# LUX-YAM-SS-A0015-S54,M54,L54,S56,M56,L56
Luxon Description Gen3 Triple Clamps, Yamaha
Weight (no bar mounts) 1,902 g, 4.19 lbs
Stock Weight (2023 450) 2,005 g, 4.42 lbs
    Stock Offset of 22 mm
  • 2012-2024 YZ250F
  • 2012-2015 YZ450F
  • 2018-2024 YZ450F
    Stock Offset of 25 mm
  • 2016-2017 YZ450F
  • 2006-2023 YZ125/250