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  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!

Faster USA - Dirt Bike Magazine YZ-125 Project Bike

Billy Wight, President, Luxon MX

May 18, 2018

Dirt Bike Mag - Faster USA Project Bike
Dirt Bike Magazine - Faster USA Project Bike

When Colin and Vince from Faster USA called to ask if we wanted to be a part of their YZ125 project bike with Dirt Bike Magazine, it was impossible to turn down!

The Build

Dirt Bike Magazine has been doing a lot of bike build projects lately, particularly with two strokes. We knew this one would be special, though. The guys over at Faster USA make high performance hubs and wheelsets, and do amazing work in general. It was exciting being asked to be a part of their YZ125 project.

Vince and Colin would be doing the heavy lifting on this build, all we had to do was supply an ignition cover and triple clamps for the Yamaha. Easy! Well, except that we weren't yet offering triple clamps for Yamahas... The build was great motivation to get those clamps done and into production, though, and we did just that supplying them with a clear anodized set of clamps within a couple months. We already had ignition covers ready to go, but for this build we gave them a custom engraved cover with both of our logos.

The bike is featured on the cover of Dirt Bike Magazine's June 2018 issue. Check it out there or click the link here to see the Behind the Build story about the project.


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