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  • Free Shipping on Orders $100+*

Media, Reviews, and Testimonials

Product Reviews, Customer Testimonials, Bike Builds

We believe that our products are the best out there, but don't just take our word for it... Check out what the media and our customers are saying in the reviews and testimonials below.

We've never directly paid for a review. And that's pretty unique in this often a "pay-to-play" industry. These are all real reviews where the quality of the products speaks for itself. Keep your eye out for more Luxon features and reviews from your favorite sources!

Customer Testimonial

"Just received clamps... one word, WOW! That's art. Makes the WP factory clamps we had on KTM's look agricultural!"   -  Sean H. (KTM Triple Clamps)

Luxon FC350 Bike Build: Motocross Action Magazine

(Various KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas Parts)

"With his mechanical engineer status and passionate blog posts on the Luxon website, Billy had a clear path to follow when building his FC350 dream bike. It had to be lightweight, it had to be perfectly tailored to his needs, and it had to have some exotic trickery spread throughout."

(tap on the image to download a pdf of the bike build)

Customer Testimonial

"Bought these two weeks ago. Pictures don't do them justice! Beautiful! Been using Xtrig for years but these are amazing for plushness, especially on slap down landings. Sorry Xtrig, you have been replaced!"   -  Fred W. (GasGas Triple Clamps)

Kris Keefer Tests Spencer Luczak's GasGas 350 Featuring Various Luxon Parts

(Triple Clamps, Suspension Linkage, Brake Carrier, Axle Blocks, etc.)

"I've ridden with Luxon a couple times. I've been impressed with what that guy has done over there. What I like about what he's doing, he evolves his clamps. He has a generation one, then he'll evolve them again. He never really sits on the clamp and just this is what I've got for three years. He evolves it along. So we have more flex up here, we're gaining some rigidity in some areas. So for me, cornering is better than my YZ here today. It feels lighter, I have some added comfort with these clamps…"

Customer Testimonial

"Got the clamps installed and rode with them. Thanks for such a great product they are awesome, bike handles so much better"   -  Larry S. (Yamaha Triple Clamps)

Jeff Walker Talks Tech featuring Luxon Triple Clamps

(KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas Triple Clamps)

"I seriously encourage you guys if you are looking for some aftermarket triple clamps to take a look at Luxon. They support privateers like me which is epic. They're just really good people over there, and no doubt they will be continuing to innovate, plus they just make a product that in my mind is the absolute best on the market."

Customer Testimonial

"Just tested mine today. Nice improvement in steering feel, vibration and suspension smoothness. These are a work of art!"   -  Chris W. (Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Husqvarna Triple Clamps)

Triple Clamp Review: Motocross Action Magazine

(KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas Triple Clamps)

"The Luxon MX clamps lived up to their claims. They increased strength and comfort while maintaining the same weight as stock. Best of all, for a GasGas racer, they improve corner accuracy at turn-in while still offering a plush ride."

(tap on the image to download a pdf of the review)

Customer Testimonial

"These clamps drastically improved the steering and front suspension compliance on my bike. They really improve the steering and fork action. It's quite noticeable. And they look bitchen!"   -  Bill B. (Kawasaki Triple Clamps)

Triple Clamp Review: Vital MX

(Luxon MX Gen2 Honda 24mm Offset Triple Clamps)

"You're losing weight off stock, you're still gaining comfort, you're also gaining some stiffness in areas that need it and it helps the fork action and changes the chassis balance. There's a lot of positive with this clamp and really the only negative is maybe a little bit slower turning on some of the most tightest tracks. Might be a little bit of a negative, but again I feel like everything else that comes with this is a positive. Definitely an upgrade I would recommend with the Honda if you're struggling with stability, comfort, and just overall feeling like you're wanting a wider operating window on the bike."

Customer Testimonial

"I have a good amount of time on your clamps now and I just have to say bravo. Noticeable increase in plushness in the front end and steering precision. Never thought clamps could make such a difference. Touch more vibration but everything else just awesome. The machine work is also amazing. Awesome work"   -  Justin F. (KTM Triple Clamps)

Bar Mount Review: Motocross Action Magazine

(for Kawasaki but applies to Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki too)

"If you like straight handlebars and don't want to spend precious time working on your front end in the pits, you'll appreciate the Luxon MX bar mounts."

(tap on the image to download a pdf of the review)

Customer Testimonial

"Just wanted to let you guys know I rode with the new triples this weekend... Holy $hit man! What a difference!! So much more front end traction... I've never had so much confidence in my front tire. Now don't get me wrong I'm still super slow lol but I almost feel I have to re-learn the bike it has so much traction in the front! Needless to say I'm super stoked and they look amazing! Thanks a lot guy! Awesome products"   -  Thomas J. (Kawasaki Triple Clamps)

Bar Mount Review: Kris Keefer Racer X Garage

(KTM/Husqvarna Bar Mounts)

"Luxon MX makes a stronger bar mount for the KTM and Husqvarna...Save yourself some money, go to"

Customer Testimonial

"I looked at your product and is head and shoulders above the few that are making them."   -  Ray V. (Yamaha Triple Clamps)

MXA's Josh Mosiman and Luxon's Billy Wight Discuss Triple Clamp Engineering and Testing

(KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas Triple Clamps)

"They felt good in the corners, I didn't give up any corner accuracy today, and I also felt more comfort going through the bumps today, a little more plush going through the bumps, so it was a good day at Glen Helen."

Customer Testimonial

"These clamps are sick and made the bike catch that inside rut I always seemed to miss. Very Impressed."   -  Rob M. (KTM/Husky Triple Clamps)

Customer Testimonial

"These are the same or better in every situation as what we're running now. Mostly better."   -  Wil H. (Yamaha Triple Clamps)