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  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!

4-Post Rubber Isolated Bar Mounts, Honda Cone Interface

Our 4-post style bar mount is rubber isolated and designed to reduce vibration felt from the engine, eliminate twisting in small crashes and tip-overs, and absorb hard hits and track roughness without compromising steering precision. Three different rubber bushing hardness levels are included to fine tune the feel. Luxon mounts are lighter than stock, yet resist twisting up in crashes with the 4-post design.

These bar mounts fit Honda motorcycles with triple clamps using a rubber cone interface (most all off-road and motocross bikes). They will work in both the forward and back triple clamp mount hole locations and have the same bar position geometry as stock (height and offset). Handlebar size is available in both standard 1 1/8" or 36 mm (Fits Renthal FB36 bars only) sizes.

  • $239.95
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Product Description, Information, and Details

These mounts fit stock triple clamps with the Honda rubber cone interface, which includes most all Honda motocross and off-road models. The mounts will work in both the forward and back triple clamp mount hole locations and are the stock Honda height of 26 mm (bottom of bar to top of triple clamp) and offset (10 mm of bar position change when flipping the mounts around). Includes rubber isolated lower bar mounts, rubber bushings, upper bar clamps, high-strength steel clamp bolts, anti-seize, and instructions.

Three different hardness levels of rubber bushings are included at no additional cost. Soft (green) is for lighter riders, vet riders, or those with wrist injuries. Medium (yellow) is recommended for most off-road and motocross use, and hard (red) is recommended for aggressive motocross use and faster riders. It is also possible to mix different hardness levels of top and bottom bushings (for example, medium uppers with hard lowers) for further tuning.

Bushings will "break in" on the first ride and become a little softer than when first installed. Like all rubber bushings, these are wear items and will eventually break down and need replacing. Softer bushings will need to be replaced more often than harder bushings. Replacement bushings are available here.

Depending on the installation type, make and model of bike, bar mount position, etc., you may need to lightly trim plastic brackets and/or relocate hour meters or accessories to allow clearance for these bar mounts in some mount positions (typically not an issue on motocross bike installations).

Luxon 1 1/8" bar mounts fit standard 1 1/8" (28.6 mm) handlebars (sometimes called fatbars) and Luxon 36 mm mounts fit the Renthal FB36 bars (36 mm). These are NOT the same as fatbars, they have a much larger clamping diameter. We do not offer bar mounts to fit the old 7/8" size handlebars. BRP and other aftermarket companies offer adapter bushings to fit the 7/8" bar diameter in standard 1 1/8" mounts if necessary.

Luxon Part# LUX-HON-SS-A0010-118 LUX-HON-SS-A0010-FB36
Weight, 1 1/8" 419 g, 0.92 lbs
Weight, 36 mm 451 g, 0.99 lbs
Stock Weight (2024 Model) 450 g, 0.99 lbs