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  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!

Rear Brake Carrier, Brembo, KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas

Drop 100 grams of unsprung weight with our topology optimized rear brake carrier. We applied the same technology we use on our triple clamps to this part to reduce weight as much as possible while maintaining strength and stiffness for high braking performance. Anodized black and laser etched for a long-lasting finish.

Fits most KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas off-road and motocross models. 2016-2022 KTM/Husky/GasGas and 2023 GasGas use the 25mm axle version. 2023-2024 KTM/Husky and 2024 GasGas use the 22mm axle version. Please double check you axle size before ordering. A few models use a 20mm axle; we do not currently offer this size. This is a direct replacement for KTM/Husky/GasGas part number 77713075000 BRAKE CALIPER SUPPORT (fits 25mm axle) and A46013075000 BRAKE CALIPER SUPPORT (fits 22mm axle). If your bike uses this part, then ours will fit.

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  • $159.95 (25 mm)
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  • 22 mm in stock
  • 25 mm backordered, expected to ship late-April 2024

Product Description, Information, and Details

We put our topology optimization technology to work in the design of this part. The stock Brembo brake carrier bracket is heavy and our goal was to reduce as much (unsprung) weight as possible while maintaining adequate stiffness and strength for braking performance and reliability. We were able to remove 100 grams of weight from this part, which increases suspension performance (unsprung weight removal) and makes the bike lighter for a more nimble ride. Our rear brake carrier is CNC machined from billet aluminum, anodized and laser etched.

Luxon Part# LUX-KTM-M-P0007-25 (25 mm axle)
Luxon Description Rear Brake Carrier, Brembo, KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas
Luxon Part# LUX-KTM-M-P0007-22 (22 mm axle)
Luxon Description Rear Brake Carrier, Brembo, KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas
Weight 173 g, 0.38 lbs
Stock Weight 274 g, 0.60 lbs