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Billet Aluminum Ignition Cover, 1999+ Yamaha YZ250

Replace the weak stock plastic cover with our precision CNC machined aluminum cover. Fits 1999+ model year Yamaha 250 motocross models; available in unbranded hard-anodized grey or branded in hard-anodize black and laser etched for a long-lasting and scratch-free finish.

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  • $109.95 (Un-branded, grey)
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Product Description, Information, and Details

This machined aluminum ignition cover is much stronger than stock without being overly heavy. Finised with a hard anodize, the surface is very hard and tough for a long lasting finish. The un-branded grey is a very similar color to other clutch covers on the market for a good match.

Luxon Part# LUX-YAM-ED-P0001-UB (Un-branded)
Luxon Description Un-Branded Ignition Cover, 1999+ Yamaha YZ250
Luxon Part# LUX-YAM-ED-P0001 (Branded)
Luxon Description Ignition Cover, 1999+ Yamaha YZ250
Weight 185 g, 0.41 lbs
Stock Weight 121 g, 0.27 lbs (Plastic)