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  • Free USA Shipping for Orders $100+*
  • We Ship Worldwide!

Luxon Gen3 Triple Clamps - Details of the New Design

Billy Wight, President, Luxon MX

October 17, 2023

Updated February 2, 2024

Gen3 Pro Triple Clamps on Jeremy Martin's Bike
Luxon Gen3 Pro KTM Triple Clamps with Gen3 4-Post Bar Mounts

The next evolution of triple clamps is here! Our new Gen3 triple clamps are available for purchase for these models:

Beta, Stark Varg, and other brand fitments are in the works! More details on everything Gen3 can be had below.

Why Gen3?

We have been at this for a decade now! Over those ten years, we've worked with a lot of riders; from the weekend vet guy to the fastest pros, including multi-time national champions. And we've learned a lot about the different needs of all those riders. Gen3 was created to address those needs better than what we could with Gen2. And to do that, we're offering two different versions of our Gen3 clamps:

Gen3 “Standard”

Our products are the best available, and priced appropriately because of that. Or in other words, they're expensive… There have been a lot of customers who were interested in running our clamps, but they just couldn't justify the cost. Our “standard” Gen3 model (just called Gen3) is aimed to be more accessible to those customers while keeping the features that makes a Luxon triple clamp great: increased comfort, increased precision, and light weight in comparison to stock and our competition's products. Quality is second to none with precision machining and an OEM bearing included.

Gen3 Pro

Some riders demand more. Top pro riders need the top-of-the-line components to have an edge over their competition. Price is less of an issue on high-end race bikes, so the Gen3 Pro clamps are made from the highest quality materials, feature the most optimized design, and the best finish available. These are the most advanced triple clamps on the market.

Top pros are looking to hit very specific lines to gain an advantage around the track. They require for even more steering precision and predictability in their triple clamps as they're attacking the track a lot faster and with more force than most people. The Gen3 Pro version is overall a stiffer in torsion, laterally, and vertically to make this happen, yet still offers the same flex longitudinally (front to back) as our Gen3 standard clamp for comfort in chop and slap-down landings. Or in other words, they allow for a more precise ride without sacrificing comfort; the Gen3 Pro clamps have a similar comfort level to the standard Gen3, but with increased predictability. The Gen3 Pro clamps also include optional braces to increase longitudinal stiffness for our fastest and most demanding riders. The braces increase precision at the expense of comfort, but they're optional, so you can fine to what's right for you.

Offset is a key factor in triple clamps that dramatically affects handling. While many people are fine with the fixed offset of our other clamps, elite riders are looking to tune for specific tracks and conditions. Our Gen3 Pro clamps feature adjustable offset to make those changes easy and more affordable than buying multiple sets of clamps to otherwise achieve that. Four different offsets come standard with our Gen3 Pro clamps.

Common Features

Both versions feature a new bar mount system. Some customers wanted more adjustment than what was available on our Gen2 clamps. Others needed compatibility with more accessories like steering dampers. Our system allows for far more bar positions and easy mounting of various accessories.

What about Gen2?

Do you own a set of Gen2 clamps? Our Gen2 clamps are awesome and stack up between the Gen3 and the Gen3 Pro clamps (check out the feature comparison table below). The Gen2 is a little nicer of a clamp than the Gen3, but not quite at the level of the Gen3 Pro. Did you see how well Enzo Lopes did in 2023 Supercross? He rode amazing, just missing 3rd overall in points. And he did it all on the same Gen2 Clamps that have been available for everyone to purchase for the last few years.

Design Details

The following comparison chart gives a quick overview of the differences in our latest clamps:

Feature Gen2 Clamps Gen3 Clamps Gen3 Pro Clamps
Design Highly Optimized Optimized Highly Optimized
Stiffness - Comfort ++++
Stiffness - Precision Handling +++ +++ ++++
Adjustable Stiffness Braces No No Yes
Weight Ultralight Light Ultralight
Offset Fixed Fixed Adjustable - 4 Offsets
Clamp Material Standard Aluminum Standard Aluminum High Strength Aluminum
Stem Material High Strength Aluminum
Fasteners Titanium Steel Titanium
Steering Bearing/Seal OEM - High Quality
Bar Mount Interface KTM Rubber Cone Style Direct Bolt-On
Bar Positions (Front to Back) 2 6
Bar Heights 3 4
Finish Electropolish + Anodize
Fork Tube Bores Anodized Anodized Machined - Raw Aluminum
Torque and Markings Engraved Engraved Laser Etched
Manufacturing Made in USA

All of our clamps are designed using advanced topology optimization, finite element analysis, and high-end engineering techniques. The optimum design is rather intricate with a lot of features. The more intricate the design, though, the longer the parts take to machine (and the more expensive they are). We save a little cost on the standard Gen3 clamps by removing some of the time consuming features of the Pro version. But they're still more complex than the norm our competition puts out. This image shows the combined stresses in our Gen3 clamp under all normal riding conditions.

Stiffness Level - Comfort

Longitudinal stiffness (front to back) has a big effect on rider comfort. The more compliant the clamps are in that direction, the better the ride. But this needs to be balanced with enough stiffness to maintain a precise handling character. Really fast riders will prefer something a little stiffer to maintain precision handling and our Pro clamps include optional stiffening braces to allow for some fine tuning. The image shows an FEA plot of longitudinal displacement in response to a slap-down type landing.

Stiffness Level - Precision Handling

Similar to the above, but the opposite. The stiffer the clamps are in the other directions (vertically, laterally, torsionally), the better for maintaining a precise and predictable handling character. There is a little trade-off here with comfort. The FEA plot here represents a torsional (cornering) scenario.

Adjustable Stiffness Braces

Some riders prefer a more solid feel front to back for more precise handling. Our Gen3 Pro clamps include optional braces to tie the two halves of the lower split clamp together. This increases stiffness front to back and reduces wandering in high g-out situations and hard landings with the trade-off of slightly reduced comfort. Riders who prefer more comfort should run the clamps without the braces installed.


The lighter the better! The Gen3 Pro clamps are generally very light, but the adjustable offset feature adds a few more grams which makes our Gen2 clamps just slightly lighter. Despite the added weight of an adjustable offset, our Gen3 Pro clamp is well optimized and weighs in a bit lighter than our Gen3 standard clamp.

For some hard numbers, the stock 2024 KTM/Husqvarna clamps and bar mounts weigh in at 2,229 grams. Our Gen2 clamps are 135 grams lighter, Gen3 Pro clamps are 89 grams lighter, and Gen3 Standard clamps are 45 grams lighter. All of our clamps are lighter than stock; compare that to the KTM Powerparts clamps that are 71 grams HEAVIER than stock or the Ride Engineering split clamp that's 121 grams HEAVIER(!) than stock. Other applications see similar weight trends and you can see the weight of each of our products in the "additional information" tab at the bottom of each product page.


Stock offset and/or a fixed offset is fine for most, but an adjustable offset can provide significant advantages at different tracks. The Gen3 Pro clamps are adjustable with four different offsets by using eccentric inserts in the top clamp and eccentric steering stems. It's a bit more expensive, but you're essentially getting four triple clamps in one.


High strength aluminum, such as 7075-T6, allows for a lighter design of the same strength as what could be achieved with standard (6061-T6) aluminum. It's also a little stronger overall to better hold up to extreme riding and the crashes that come along with it. All of the aluminum we use for our products is made in the USA.


All of our clamps include bolts. Titanium is lighter, but obviously more expensive. We use titanium bolts on our Pro clamps, but save our customers some money with zinc-coated steel fasteners on our standard clamps. All of our pinch bolts are intended to be installed with the included anti-seize for consistent torque/tension setting. Torque settings etched on the clamps reflect the use of the anti-seize.

Steering Bearing

All of our clamps use OEM or OEM equivalent bearings and seals (for example, the same SKF bearing, but without the KTM logo). No skimping with cheap bearings here! Where others save money with Chinese bearings, we feel that if you're paying for the best triple clamps, they should come with the best bearings as well.

Bar Mount Interface, Bar Positions, and Bar Heights

The more bar heights and positions available, the better a rider will be able to fit the bike to their preference. Using our clamps, bar mounts, and bar mount riser kit (shown here), there are a total of 24 possible bar positions to choose from. And this works with both our solid bar mounts and our rubber-mounted bar mounts. More on all this below.


The finish on most all aftermarket triple clamps is a standard Type II anodize, usually dyed one of various colors to better match the bike (blue on Yamaha for example). Adding electropolish to that makes for a more expensive process, but a shinier and better looking part. All of our triple clamps are electropolished and anodized. Our anodize does not easily fade like some others; we've had red Honda clamps in use for years that are still very much red and not pink! Of course, we can do pink too, like the custom anodized clamps shown here.

Fork Tube Bores

Anodized aluminum fork tube bores are the norm and fine for most people. But raw aluminum fork tube bores have more friction and grip the fork a little better so there's less chance of slippage and twisting under very hard riding or after a crash. Machining the bores after anodize allows for a higher precision fit and less chance of slipping, but adds additional expense. The Gen3 Pro clamps feature this, but the standard Gen3 do not to save on costs.

Torque and Markings

All of our clamps feature torque markings near the bolts as well as various other details to help the mechanic and rider best set up the clamps. These markings are either engraved directly on our CNC machine (Gen3 Standard) or laser etched into the anodize as a separate operation (Gen3 Pro). The laser etched markings are just a bit nicer and better contrast for easier reading.

Made in USA

All of our clamps are engineered, designed, and made in the USA in our San Diego facility.

Bar Mount Interface

As mentioned earlier, our goals of the new bar mount interface were to increase available bar positions and increase compatibility with aftermarket accessories and steering dampers. There aren't many ways to elegantly achieve that, though - you're pretty much stuck with bolting the mounts direct to the top triple clamp using threaded holes in the clamp. This is how Xtrig has been doing it for quite some time. OEM KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas clamps with solid mounting use a similar system.

We could make our interface different just for the sake of being different, but there's no advantage to that. And why not leverage what's already available? For those reasons, our Gen3 clamps use a bar mount interface that is compatible with Xtrig bar mounts. Of course, we have multiple bar mount options of our own too (4-Post system shown here), but this opens up many opportunities for our customers as a lot of aftermarket parts already exist for that interface. This mounting scheme uses M12 X 1.75 bolts with mounts that locate in a 26 mm wide groove, 2.5 mm deep. The bar mounts are spaced 90 mm apart. Bar position charts are provided in the triple clamp instructions for reference.


Luxon MX Gen3 Pro Triple Clamps - Yamaha
Luxon MX Gen3 Pro Triple Clamps - Yamaha

So you want a set? Most models are available now:

Pre-orders will be available for other models as they're developed and are shipped on a first come, first served basis. So order early if you want a set ASAP! Keep an eye out on our Instagram for more news and sign up for our email list (bottom of this page) to keep up to date! Any questions? Just contact us!


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Are you guys planning to make triple clamps for austrian 85's? The handlebar clamps are especially complete garbage.

We might in the future, but have to get caught up on all the big bikes first!